Novel Summary
Copywriting: Jiang Yuan is dressed as a golden little mermaid, rare and precious, and carefully cared for in the mermaid base.
Jiang Yuan: died from overwork in previous life, but in this life, life is worth it.
He eats, drinks, sleeps and sleeps all day long, but it is a pity that he was assigned to the imperial general Qi Yuan not long after his good days.
"I heard that Admiral Qi has a cruel personality, murder without blinking an eye, he tortured three mermaids away!"
Jiang Yuan took advantage of the trend to lie down: Fate cannot be violated, it is better to lie flat and open.jpg
When we first met, Qi Yuan said indifferently: "Throw it away wherever you want, don't block my eyes."
Jiang Yuan: What?Don't have to work anymore?There is such a good thing!?
The second time they met, Qi Yuan said coldly: "Mermaids are the most popular creatures, and none of them are good things."
Jiang Yuan: Ah yes yes yes yes yes.
When we met for the third time, Jiang Yuan held the exquisite pastry specially made by the kitchen in his left hand, and the sour plum soup cooked by the housekeeper himself in his right hand. The golden scales glowed beautifully, and the light-colored tail fin swayed in the water, which was very pleasant.
Passing by by chance, Qi Yuan whose eyes were dazzled by the golden light: "..."
Jiang Yuan: "?"
The two looked at each other, Jiang Yuan hesitated, and invited in a low voice: "...Do you want to have a drink together?"
Seeing Jiang Yuan's politeness, Qi Yuan sneered, "Okay."
Jiang Yuan: "!"
Nth meeting...
Jiang Yuan discovered that his short-term meal ticket seemed to have a dual personality?
During the day, he would not lie to Jiang Yuan, but at night, he would obediently put his head on his shoulder and talk teasingly: "Someone scolded me again today, it's hard to hear, I feel very uncomfortable, I need to kiss to get better.”
The next day, Jiang Yuan covered his waist and said in shame and indignation: "Get out of here, no man is a good thing."
Qi Yuan: "Ah yes yes yes yes."
Jiang Yuan encountered two major obstacles on the way of Xianyu laying flat.
1. The boyfriend is reborn, holding a revenge script.
2. He has a good waist and great strength.