Novel Summary
Lin Ye and Feng Huai had been married for three years, and they were recognized by the empire as a model couple, but only Lin Ye knew that during the three years of marriage, Feng Huai was reticent and never touched him, because Feng Huai always had an irreplaceable white in his heart.moonlight.
In the year when the Zerg invaded the empire, Lin Ye and Feng Huai had a big quarrel. In order to keep Feng Huai quiet, he took the initiative to go to the border to support him, and died in the star calendar 3024, at the hands of the enemy's mechs.
Lin Ye was reborn back to the age of 19, the year he just entered the military academy.
At that time, he was still the most arrogant and domineering young master in the empire, the quasi-successor to the chief commander of the military department.
At the military school dance, he bumped into Feng Huai who was still his senior and was challenged by him.
Lin Ye didn't even look at him, just brushed past him, and took the suitor's invitation to dance: "I'm so happy."
That night the military academy forum exploded.
#一个领装系学先生catching three department grasses in one night#
#唯勤对Feng Huai Senior Disdain#
#Feng Huai male god is so angry that his face is green#
training base.
The adjutant poked secretly and took out the photo: "...sir?"
In the photo, Lin Ye's fair face was stained red by wine, and he was hooking the shoulders of the grass next door and smiling.
Feng Huai's eyes darkened, he squeezed his fingers tightly, and immediately put on his military uniform and went out.
As the most powerful humanoid weapon in the empire, Feng Huai has won countless military achievements since his military academy days, and he is an unattainable male god in the entire empire.
Everyone thought he hated Lin Ye, who was hailed as a genius in the mecha department.
Until a certain actual combat exercise, Lin Ye lost control of his strength and smashed Feng Huai's beloved mecha.
The whole school panicked: "Oh, Lin Ye is finished!"
In the next second, countless people heard Feng Huai's hoarse voice coming from the relay station: "Let me see the injury when you are relieved. I don't know if I will feel distressed?"
The whole school: "When did you do it?!"
Not long after, someone broke out that the top leader who had chased him for a semester in the live broadcast of Lin was Feng Huai himself.
The entire empire was shocked: "Mr. Feng, your aloof personality has collapsed!!!"
"Eating Guide"
1. Bingshan, the abstinent general, X the arrogant and domineering young master.
2. 1V1 double place, first year, double birth, HE.Gong has never touched others and has misunderstandings, but he has no long mouth and no EQ.Will not switch.
3. ABO background, there are differentiation plots in the later stage, and no children.Copywriting 2021.11.23.