Novel Summary
When Tong Sui travels into each world, he has to face all kinds of villains.
The so-called villain must retaliate, has a distorted psychology, and turns black at every turn. He is a proper legal reserve.It is the existence that all raiders avoid.
But the villain who was feared by everyone gave all his tenderness and love to Tong Sui.
World One: Zerg
The villain is the strongest army female in the empire, but she faces trial for hurting the protagonist gong male. On the eve of blackening, Tong Sui came to him as a male male.
The noble and beautiful male worm wiped off the blood for him, "Can you register your marriage with me?"
Just when everyone thought that Tong Sui would splatter the scene with blood, the villain bent his back proudly, his dark and cold eyes were more of paranoid possessiveness than color.
In this life, childhood has become his only belief.
world two: abo
The villain has secondarily differentiated from the top alpha to an omega. Even though he is enduring the great pain during the fever period, he doesn't want to bow his head and be marked anyway.
Until the alpha child with a matching rate of 100% came to the villain, the villain whose eyes were reddened by the scent.
Tong Sui rubbed against the back of the villain's neck with his sharp little canine teeth, "How do you mark it?"
World III: End Times
The squeamish little experimenter Sui and his ruthless captain's wife had to collect some strange things from his wife in order to develop an antidote for zombies.
World Four: Entertainment Circle
The Little Anchor's Love Complex Shura Field
World Five: Prince x Court Eunuch
Villains from other worlds: infinite copy boss...
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