Novel Summary
In his previous life, Jiang Rong and his son Jiang Xiaoheng died in the mouth of the beast after the catastrophe. When he woke up, he was reborn three months before the catastrophe.In order not to repeat the tragedy of his previous life, Jiang Rong gritted his teeth and took his son to stockpile goods desperately, making all kinds of preparations.
He also bought books on Judo, Taekwondo, Sanda, and Karate in one go, hoping that he would become a martial arts genius within three months because of his extraordinary talent.
After the big crisis, a small number of people will awaken their abilities. Jiang Rong was an ordinary person in his previous life. He can only hope to improve his physical fitness and become a muscular man who everyone fears.
However, the nanny's body is delicate and weak, and Jiang Rong has not practiced anything after three months.Jiang Rong was stunned, thinking that he was going to hug his three-year-old son and live in hiding from the supernatural beings, but who knew that he had awakened a powerful supernatural ability - the wood-type ability that can control mutated plants!
Jiang Rong was overjoyed, who knew that there was a buy one get one free Easter egg hidden under this unexpected surprise. Not long after the big crisis, he picked up a comatose handsome man with muscles all over his body, and there was another man beside him.A cold-faced cub who passed out...
Note: The cubs are not Gongshou's own, and Gongshou has no partner.