Novel Summary
Jiang Ji hit his head one day, and a memory suddenly appeared in his mind.
It turned out that he was living in a heartthrob buying stock essay. In the book, he was a cannon fodder stand-in, and Bai Yueguang was a stand-in for the stock-buying attack in order to survive.
After Bai Yueguang returned to the country, he abandoned him like a shoe, and Bai Yueguang didn't like him, so several gangsters used to bully him to please Bai Yueguang, and ended up tragically dying on the street without accident.
Jiang Ji, who came to his senses: Thank you for the invitation, whoever likes to be the stand-in can do it, I quit!
So he found that Jiang no longer cared about whether he had eaten at a fixed time every day.
Buying Gong No. 2 finds that Jiang no longer haunts him everywhere.
Buying stocks and attacking No. 3, he finds out... Fuck, he can't even see Jiang Ji anymore.
And Jiang Ji, who originally thought that as long as he stayed away from the gangsters and Bai Yueguang, he would be able to live a stable life as a salted fish, until one day his uncle grabs him by the collar.
The man smiled gently: "Where is the little guy going?"
Jiang Ji, who didn't know how to provoke this crazy criticism, smiled flatteringly: "If you don't run, you won't go anywhere."
But is there something wrong with this plot?
When the stock buyers regretted their mistakes and cried and knelt and begged him to go back.
Jiang had been dragged to them by his uncle, who introduced him gently, "My name is Auntie."
Buyers and Bai Yueguang: ...
they split on the spot
Jiang Ji: Orz
*The scumbags chased their wives to the crematorium and scattered their ashes
* There are many villains, all kinds of control do not enter
*Gong is Wen Shiqing, ten years behind in age, double c
Content tags: rich family, sweet text, wearing books, cool text
One-sentence introduction: No way, the charm is too great
Conception: study hard, make progress every day, study can change the future and life