Novel Summary
In the interstellar era, human beings have awakened their spiritual power in order to fight against the Spirit Plant star beasts with spiritual power. The stronger the spiritual power, the easier it is to fall into riots.
Xue Jinxing is a top alchemist in the world of cultivating immortals, and he has transmigrated into a fake young master in the interstellar world, and he is still a waste of spiritual power.
On the first day of time travel, Xue Jinxing was kicked out of the house just after his fake young master's identity was exposed.
Biological parents: "You are already an adult, and you are not raised by me. You can live independently in the future."
Adoptive parents: "We have raised you for nineteen years and we have done our best. Don't come to us again if you have nothing to do."
Xue Jinxing was suspended from living expenses and had to pay high tuition fees, so he simply resumed his old career as an alchemist——
The fourth-grade Bao Yuan Jingxin Pill restores the spiritual sea of the top spiritual power
The sixth-grade Hanxiang Ningshen Pill suppresses mental violence that is on the verge of getting out of control
Qipin Yinyang Liangyi Pill, saving patients who are about to die mentally
A small pill can make the body temperature of the most irritable spirit smooth and obedient, and relieve the pain of the spiritual sea.
The world-weary and depressed singer for many years took the elixir, just wanting to rejuvenate his hibernating spirit and body: "Thank you, after taking the elixir, I don't want to dance anymore, I don't want to cut my wrists, I can hold two concerts a year."
The illustrious federal marshal took the elixir, and his mental body, which always got angry for no reason, was cute and cute: "Thank you, my crush can finally fuck my mental body."
A elixir is hard to come by, so bigwigs from all walks of life set foot on the road of seeking elixir, and after several searches, they finally knocked on the door of a family.
Xue Jinxing stuck out his head from behind the door: "What's the matter?"
biological parents:?
Foster parents: ?
Is this that ignorant trash?
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