Novel Summary
Yan Qiu is the real young master of a wealthy family in a novel of pure love. It stands to reason that he should spend his whole life in luxury and prosperity.
But unfortunately, he was hugged by the wrong hospital just after he was born.
His life has also changed from loving his parents and having no worries about food and clothing to growing up in a slum.
The surrounding environment, coupled with his father's perennial domestic violence and his mother's indifferent personality, made him very unpleasant.
When he was found twenty years later, there was no place for him in the family.
The majestic Fu family.
The fake young master Tese pitifully hid behind his biological parents.
Everyone looked at him with embarrassment and disgust.
The biological father who should have been in pain: "You are not as good as half a finger of Shuangchi."
The biological mother who should have blamed herself: "Mom knows that you have been wronged, but no matter what, Shuang Chi is also a child we have raised for more than 20 years, and he cannot leave."
His own brother who should have defended him: "He is also my brother, and I will never let him go.
He is like a mime actor standing alone on the stage, unable to make a sound, and no one cares about his sorrows and joys.
He could understand his parents' feelings for Fu Shuangchi with the kindness of nurturing for more than 20 years.
He felt that it was his own problem, so he tried his best to please.
However, when he was about to die due to illness.
He heard his biological father say without sadness or joy: "It's fine to die."
His biological mother: "I hope you won't be born in my womb again in your next life."
His biological brother promised Fu Shuangchi: "You will always be my only brother."
It was only later that Yan Qiu realized that all of this was just because he was the cannon fodder for the young master in a novel.
Only then did he realize how wrong he was.
He actually wants to ask for the love of these people!
If there is another life...
Opening his eyes again, he returned to the day when he was brought back to Fu's house.
Fu Jianting: "You are not as good as Shuang Chi's half a finger."
Yan Qiu: "Yes."
Lu Ruan: "Mom knows that you have been wronged, but no matter what, Shuang Chi is also a child we have raised for more than 20 years, and he cannot leave."
Yan Qiu: "Oh"
Fu Chenze: "He is also my younger brother. I will never let him leave. Don't worry, we will never touch your family property in the future."
Yan Qiu: "..."
They thought that Yan Qiu, who had lived in that kind of place since he was a child, was doomed to be a piece of mud that couldn't support the wall, and would never be able to integrate into their lives. In the future, giving him some property at will would be enough for him to be grateful for the rest of his life.
Unexpectedly, saw news about Yan Qiu frequently in the newspapers.
#天使木物师玉秋New work was auctioned at the Forbes Auction House yesterday for a high price of tens of millions#
#Domestic top woodcarving master Li Yuanjing personally admits that Yan Qiu is his apprentice#
#木物师燕秋 is young, with a net worth of over 100 million#
Later, Fu Jianting personally approached Yan Qiu and wanted him to go back and inherit the family business.
Yan Qiu smiled faintly: "Oh? You mean your small company, I don't like it."