Novel Summary
#The protagonist of the big devil with a super dog#
#I haven't tried hard yet, why did you fall down?#
In this world, there are always some people who have the aura of villains. They are vicious, cruel, arrogant, stupid, crazy, paranoid... They are the cannon fodder that will fall to the street sooner or later in the eyes of others, and the villains who are pushed down by the protagonist.
But when a certain fun-loving person became one of these people, others were surprised to find that the cannon fodder villain who thought he could be easily overthrown could not be pushed down?
Instead, they bumped into this indestructible mountain and fell on the road to overthrow the devil.
◎Is the disabled villain in the chasing wife crematorium blackened?
——No, and wholeheartedly promote human virtues.
#My younger brother and my fiancee chasing wife crematorium#
#And I am responsible for sending everyone to the crematorium#
◎Has the elder son who was found wrong raised his self-esteem?
——No, happy and dandy life is a wonderful experience.
[Note: Struggling/Putting Bad are all in quotation marks.]
◎Has the villain NPC of the virtual online game been eliminated?
——No, they also wiped out all the players.
#It is said that players are the fourth natural disaster#
#It's time to tell them who is the real natural disaster#
◎Is the emperor who loves beauty but not country sober?
——No, have already gone one step further and planned to die for love.
#This great country you don’t deserve to have#
#死亲情 for love is the only destination for the love brain#
◎Has the villain finally decided to destroy the world today?
— No, the human screening program is underway.
■■■■ "Eating Guide"■■■■
①It’s probably a story about #自己治的,倾思想忽着,模式比传恩, the protagonist is more villainous than the villain, happy to do things and watch dramas every day, while the villains from all walks of life who have been persecuted can only be mad with anger#.
②There is no single arrow, all small worlds have bg background.The protagonist has a happy mentality, persecuting people without knowing it, and the camp is neutral.
③Finally, no writing guidance!It’s easy to get together and get together. Reading articles is for fun, and you don’t have to force yourself to read articles you don’t like.