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On the day Ji Zhilin invited me to the cafe, the violin played the Moonlight Sonata.His expression was extremely gentle.
The system is excited: Host, we have been in love for three years, is he finally going to propose to you?
Ji Zhilin opened his mouth, but what he said was: "Suisui, can you go and make this happy for my brother on behalf of Ah Ming."
Ji Yucheng, the eldest son of the Ji family, acts ruthlessly and covers the sky with one hand. He is an unattainable figure, but he became a vegetable by accident.
The person that Ji's family originally found for him was Ning Yuanming.
However, Ji Ershao Ji Zhilin has kept Ning Yuanming in his heart for many years, and he is afraid that he will melt if he holds it in his mouth, how can he be willing?
So, it was me who wanted to marry a vegetative person.
This real young master who has been back for many years, but is still not loved by the whole family.The younger brother of the fake young master Ning Yuanming - Ning Sui.
The whole town was waiting to see me laugh.
I walked into Ji Yucheng's room silently, looking heartbroken.
After closing the door, he almost covered his mouth and sang a b-box with a smile!
Three years ago, I was bound to a system where I would get paid as long as I had physical contact with powerful people.
He has been suffering from not being able to get close to Ji Yucheng, so he can only make do with it and get close to Ji Ershao.
But now, looking at the handsome face of Young Master Ji who is close at hand.
I was ecstatic: Ah Tong, we are getting rich!!!!!
Due to an accident, Ji Yucheng lay on the bed for two years. Although he was an immobile vegetable, he was bound to a system that could sense the outside world.
One day, he suddenly had a 20-year-old cute and brainless male college student as his wife.
His little wife took good care of him and cared for him in every possible way.
Just have a hobby that is hard to control:
Like to take off his clothes at night and sleep next to him???
After marrying Ning Sui, seeing that Ning Sui was not only not sad, but also extremely nourishing, Ji Zhilin felt more and more unhappy.
When the old man had passed the Chongxi incident, he snatched Ning Sui back.
But who would have thought that the eldest brother who had been lying in bed for two years suddenly woke up one day.
Not only did he wake up, but he, who had always been emotionless, was also very possessive of Ning Sui, his eyes were dark, and he didn't allow anyone to touch a single hair of Ning Sui.
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small theater:
Ning Sui stretched out his hand to explore, stretched out his hand eight times and retracted it eight times.
The plants have a faint proud blush on their faces.