Novel Summary
On Jiang Wang's first day as an intern at the terminal company, he met Wanqian Omega's dream lover, the rumored president of Bingshan Lu Tingzhou.
Colleagues say that President Lu is unkind and a great Buddha who is difficult to serve.
Jiang Wang thought that his fate with the president would end after the internship period ended.
Until the day when the internship report was prepared, late at night, President Bingshan sent a call request to Jiang Wang's terminal: Come pick me up, I'm at...
At midnight, Jiang Wang saw Lu Tingzhou, a Lu Tingzhou with red eyes and scattered eyes.
Lu Tingzhou: My susceptibility period has arrived, can you help me?
Jiang Wang:?
Seeing the former aloof president's eye corners gleam, Jiang Wang was shocked, but he did a good job and used pheromones to help his boss ease the "susceptible period" for one night.
As soon as he entered the CEO's office the next day, Jiang Wang was stopped by his new assistant.
Lu Tingzhou didn't even raise his head, and directly gave him a cold face: put the materials at the door, and come in after the notification.
Jiang Wang was stunned. He waited in the company all day, but he didn't get the notice from Lu Tingzhou. Instead, he had a lot of tasks.
Those who worked overtime until twelve o'clock went to the president's office again and found that their documents were still outside intact.
The light was on in the office, Jiang Wang pushed the door open, and was about to argue, when he saw his boss looking at him with an aggrieved face, still clutching the tie he had lost not long ago.
Lu Tingzhou: Jiang Wang, don’t go, okay?
Jiang Wang:?
From then on, those who bossed Jiang Wang during the day used another method to ask for forgiveness at night.
Later, President Gao Leng Ba had Jiang Wang's evil seed in his belly.
Jiang Wang: Isn't Lu Zong Alpha?
Lu Tingzhou: I...
Mouth sweetheart cold Alpha (attack) x cold during the day and hot at night double personality outfit A, Omega (receive)
cat cat x fox
#My wife’s two personalities are jealous for me#
#顶A After being asked for a child with a lot of money#
★Reading Guide:
1. Being chased, because of force majeure, there is a little bit of running with the ball. After running, it is still being chased, a little chasing husband crematorium
2. Mr. Lu's first personality is relatively cold, and his second personality loves Xiaojiang Maomao unconditionally.