Novel Summary
When Lu Tianyun was attending a friend's engagement banquet, he suddenly discovered that he was actually the wealthy and domineering president Gong in the pure love novel "After Running with the Ball, I Was Spoiled by the Tyrant".
His other half is called Lin Baishu, who is a soft and cute beauty.
Soon this soft and cute beauty will accidentally go to the wrong room, become pregnant with his child, and be married back home by him.
That night, when Lu Tianyun was designed to drink wine with some kind of medicine, the beauty really went to the wrong room.
But the performance of the beauty is not soft and cute at all.
The next morning, when Lu Tianyun woke up: Why did what happened was completely different from what was written in the book?I never want to see this man again!
Unexpectedly, not long after, Lu Tianyun saw Lin Baishu working pitifully in a certain club just as it was written in the book.
What was even more unexpected was that as soon as Lin Baishu saw him, she posted it in a very obedient and pleasant manner, saying that she wanted to be his canary.
Lu Tianyun: Don't let the chance of revenge come to you for nothing.Seems like a good idea to have a canary.
Just raising it like this, gradually became a bit addicted to raising it, and Lu Tianyun even began to want to encourage Canary to make progress.
It wasn't until later that Lu Tianyun discovered that the identity of this canary was not simple, and he himself was pregnant with a child by accident.
Lu Tianyun: I have no choice but to run away... But why is it me who runs with the ball even though I am the boss of a wealthy family in the novel???
Astonishingly beautiful and good at acting, the scheming X is cruel and domineering on the surface, but he is actually an upright sand sculpture CEO Shou
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