Novel Summary
The book "The Tyrant of the World" is an annual cool article, and Mo Xia was so excited to read it that he beat the bed with both hands, his scalp was numb, and he wished he could replace it with his own body.
Then in the next second, he died suddenly and crossed over.
Instead of transmigrating to the protagonist Lu Chenzhang, he became the number one cannon fodder who has the same name and surname as him, who will be subjected to ten tortures in turn in the future and finally thrown into a mass grave.
In order to survive, Mo Ya packed up his little baggage and went to the palace to accompany the young tyrant to read.
Unexpectedly, the first time he saw the thin, small and bullied little tyrant, Mo Xia was so distressed that he couldn't help himself, and decided to pamper the little tyrant well and raise him into a peerless white lotus.
In this way, the soft-hearted Mo Xia tremblingly worked as a bodyguard and a nanny, making cold soup to sleep with, and sewing clothes for meals.
Finally, one day the prince became a prince, and the prince became an emperor. When the relieved Mo Ya was about to retire and retire home for the elderly, he was pushed against the wall by a man who grew up taller than him at some time, with a gloomy expression on his face.Ask: "Do you want to leave me too?"
Mo Ya: "..."
Co-authoring, I will not only be your accompanying reader, but also your queen?
Paranoid and lack of love, first the showman prince, then the paranoid attack × wear many books, can be accompanied by reading first, and then the queen will be accepted
Edible guide:
(1) As a traditional Su Shuang, I worked hard to raise you up, but you treat me as...
(2) There will be a sour Shura field caused by misunderstanding
(3) The book "Tyrant of the World" is purely the author's blindness, so don't take it for granted
(4) In the early stage, the writing is written from the perspective of the receiver, so it may seem that Gong is a little weak (just looks), but in fact Gong is a dramatist who loves to be jealous and likes to pretend to be a pig and a tiger
(5) Don't think about it, think about it