Novel Summary
Lian Jiashuo woke up and transmigrated into the book, becoming the paranoid cannon fodder younger brother in fiction.
According to the description in the book, Cannon Fodder Gong Song Huai, as the marshal of the Federation, has a very strong family background, and his combat power is the ceiling of human beings, which can be described as a perfect synonym.
But because of the shadow of childhood, he developed a paranoid and blackened character. He didn't love anyone except the protagonist Shou. In the end, he couldn't be blackened because of demands. He led hundreds of warships to wash the Xinghai with blood, and was about to take the protagonist Shou away. In the end, he couldn't because of love.Giving up resistance, he was arrested by the protagonist Gong Shou and sentenced to death.
As Song Huai's bound younger brother, Lian Jiashuo couldn't escape, so he could only work hard to change the ending.
As long as the villain is not blackened, he will not die!
Fortunately, he and Song Huai were only eight years old after time travelling, so there was still time for everything!
Lian Jiashuo then embarked on the road to avoid Song Huai's blackening.
Song Huai was bullied, Lian Jiashuo raised his fist and beat everyone away.
Song Huai was assassinated, and Lian Jiashuo tried his best to block the knife for him.
Song Huai was wronged, Lian Jiashuo believed in him deeply, and helped him find out the truth and clear the suspicion.
With the efforts of Lian Jiashuo, Song Huai finally grew up into a five-good young man safely.
Lian Jiashuo patted his chest, finally feeling relieved.
However, Song Huai became paranoid and blackened later, and led hundreds of warships to bloodbath the Xinghai, intending to capture someone.
Lian Jiashuo: did it become like this again?
Song Huai: Lian Jiashuo, if you don't go back with me, everyone here will die today.
Lian Jiashuo:???
Wait, is there something wrong with the object of his paranoia?
Main attack, Lian Jiashuo attack, Song Huai accept.