Novel Summary
The tool man department of the bookstore is short of people all the year round, and the staff have to wear vests and play multiple roles.
Ren Yi has just finished being a tool-man sword master and left the inheritance of giving golden fingers to the Son of Destiny, so he has to quickly put on a new vest-the tool-man spare tire wronged seed.
...Oh, no, it's "friends".
Greetings to the Son of Destiny, sending resources, magic weapons, and spirit stones, picking the bones and cutting the spirit roots.The infatuation does not change, which fully embodies the "friend" who "licks until the end has nothing" and ends up with "I only regard you as a friend".
Ren Yi worked hard to complete the task, and finally waited for the sentence "I only treat you as a friend" after the Son of Destiny found his true love.
In the end, don't know what bug happened. He failed to escape, and was pulled back into the half-dead vest, and the situation seemed to be a little bit wrong.
"If I don't learn his sword skills, will you still treat me like this?"
Ren Yi:?(I worked so hard to be a tool person for so many years, the inheritance left behind, you don’t want to learn it? !
"Sword Master Qingran's swordsmanship is indeed superb, but his sword intent is like falling frost and snow, and his people must also be ruthless."
Ren Yi:??(Personal attacks are too much!
"Sword Master Qing Ran's love affairs all over the world."
Ren Yi:??!(P! I used to be clean and self-sufficient, so I almost used my sword as my wife!!
1. Fast travel, three worlds: low-magic cultivation (just friends), future interstellar (just partners), fairyland (just pawns)
2. Danmei direction, a single-arrow emotional line throughout the whole process (there is no double-arrow at the end)