Novel Summary
"Double lives go in both directions, and take revenge on the scumbags"
Paranoid, yin, possessive, super aggressive x shady, perverted, and sick beauty
In her previous life, Ye Zeyi had an extremely high talent for architectural design, but she was a sick child.
Shut up in a small black house by his father, humiliated and trampled by an illegitimate son who entered the house, and publicly annulled by his fiancé in front of the entire Internet.
Loneliness and ruthlessness, no one wants to mention him, he is a scumbag abandoned by the world.
On New Year's Eve, when thousands of houses were lit up, he fell in the cold white snow.
Shao Wenzhuo picked him up.
Afterwards, he worked as an invisible person beside Shao Wenzhuo for three years, and finally died under Shao Wenzhuo's scarlet astonished eyes.
Open your eyes again.
He went back to the day Shao Wenzhuo picked him up three years ago.
In the previous life, Shao Wenzhuo took Ye Zeyi home and became his marriage pawn in captivity.
He suppressed the Quartet by means of wind and rain, overturned the family's old cases, and became the leader of the Shao family who was respected by the business circle.
He thought that Ye Zeyi had never loved him, but when he was criticized by thousands of people, only this person whom he had neglected all along stood by his side all the time.
But in the end, he lost him.
When he opened his eyes again, he went back to three years ago.
That snowy New Year's Eve, the night he picked up Ye Zeyi.
He hugged the young man in his arms across a long time, and shouted his name like regaining a treasure: "Ah Ze, I finally found you."
Everyone thought that the sick man would not be able to make a big wave, until the Ye family changed, and everyone discovered that he had already controlled the financial power of the Ye family.
Like a ruthless beast returning from the dark night, he stood at the top of the construction industry with his amazing talent, and everyone bowed his head in awe.
But outsiders have the impression that Shao Wenzhuo is ruthless and no one dares to get close to him. When facing him, there is a childlike possessiveness under that dangerous smile, and no one can touch him.
Everyone thought they were a business marriage, and they were acting on the spot.
As a result, at a certain banquet, Shao Wenzhuo rushed to the banquet venue aggressively. The moment he saw Ye Zeyi, his gloomy eyes softened immediately, and he tugged on Ye Zeyi's sleeve, and said in a muffled voice, "Ah Ze, it's veryIt's getting late, it's time to go home."
Ye Zeyi thought, Shao Wenzhuo might never know, he knew that marriage was an abyss, and in this life, he jumped soberly again...
But this time, this person crossed time, stepped through the gravel of the glaciers, and became a person whose eyes were full of him.
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1. The relationship between the two lives is two-way. There is no relationship between Shou and the fiancé in the copywriting. Same-sex marriageable background
2. Double life, double abuse and revenge, sweet and sour taste
3. Ye Zeyi received, Shao Wenzhuo (zhuo) attacked