Novel Summary
After Qiao Anbai's sudden death, she transmigrated into the young master of a wealthy family who was given to the boss as a canary due to family bankruptcy.
The outside world sighed, the young master of the Qiao family was autistic and weak as a child, as fragile as a ceramic doll, while the boss had a violent temper and a strong desire to control, and there was absolutely no way out of the gate of the strict house.
Severe social fear Qiao Anbai: Is there any in or no out?There is such a good thing?I am coming!
When the outside world speculated whether the young master of the Qiao family would be frightened to death by Yan Cheng, Qiao Anbai took the initiative to show his favor, and grabbed the boss to invite him to dinner——
Qiao Anbai's line that had been brewing for three days was interrupted by the boss's look, and he could only helplessly push the bowl beside him: Just, boss, you can understand me... right.
According to the outside world, Qiao Anbai was tortured and was constantly under surveillance. Qiao Anbai woke up and saw that Yan’s house was covered with soft blankets. He remembered that he had fallen on the ground countless times. He decided to express his gratitude for being so careful——
Qiao Anbai did three days of psychological construction and finally chose to compare her heart under the camera...
Boss Yan closed the computer with a "snap" in the office, his ears turned red, he canceled the meeting and hurried back home.
Yan Cheng always knew that he was an emotionless monster until he met Qiao Anbai.He instinctively wanted to possess the canary and keep the fragile porcelain doll private.
Yan Cheng originally thought that Qiao Anbai would want to escape in disgust, but he took the initiative to drill into his palm time and time again.
"Eating Guide"
1. The autistic society is afraid of illness and weak, but the straight ball canary is affected by x, emotional paranoia, strong desire to control, but restrains the boss from attacking
2. Shou 19, Gong 27, eight years apart, 1v1 double first love
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