Novel Summary
Gu Qichi transmigrated into a book, and became a cannon fodder male supporting role in a true and false young master novel.
The cannon fodder male supporting role is a cold, sick beauty who walks a step and gasps three times, and is also a true young master of a wealthy family who lives outside.
It's a pity that the father doesn't love the mother, and the original owner competed with the fake young master for the leading role, and competed to ride the wind and waves in the entertainment circle. He was ridiculed by the crowd and kicked out of the house. In the end, he was buried in a sea of flames without a whole body.
Gu Qichi:?(Go to cure if you are sick)
Opening his eyes again, Gu Qichi, who had been drugged, fell into the arms of the handsome passerby Jia Boyu at the upper class reception.
Bao Yu had stern eyebrows, sharp outlines, broad shoulders and long legs, Gu Qichi didn't sleep for nothing, anyway, he wasn't the one who suffered.
The two of them had a good time, and early the next morning, Gu Qichi touched his sore waist, kicked Bo Yu off the bed, patted his buttocks and fled.
Unexpectedly, not long after, the person in power in Dongcheng who covered the sky with his hands suddenly named him to marry Gu Qichi.
At the marriage banquet, Gu Qichi came late, but when he saw Bo Yu, he paused.
Bo Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, and raised the corners of his lips calmly: "I finally found you."
According to the rumors, the person in charge of the Bo Group is gloomy and paranoid, with cruel methods and a lunatic that everyone can't avoid.
Even Bo Yu himself thought so.
Everyone thought that his marriage with Gu Qichi was hypocritical, and that the other party was just a pawn for him to annex the Gu family.
They waited for Gu Qichi to be kicked out of the Bo family, like a lost dog, they accepted their mocking gazes.
Only Bo Yu knows that everything is just a net that he carefully arranged.
That night, at a quick glance, the young man's whole body was glowing white, his eyebrows were dense, and the tails of his eyes were raised up, like the thickest stroke in the depths of ink and wash.
Bo Yu eats the marrow to know the taste, and after thinking about it day and night, he tricked him back home.
From then on, the evil dragon whispered, spread its wings, and protected its most precious treasure under its body, not allowing anyone to touch it.
Gu Qichi, as the most useless beauty in domestic entertainment, has no fans on the whole network, and the whole network is full of black fans.
There were rumors that he was going to appear on a variety show of married life with an old and ugly married partner, and the black fans were gearing up, just waiting for Gu Qichi to get out of the entertainment industry's hot searches and rush into the entry.
But after the show was broadcast, the black fans changed their minds instantly.
#客旧池心态流系美人#, #客旧池娱乐圈第一美美女wife# rushed to the top of the hot searches one after another, ranking first.
And they thought Gu Qichi's old and ugly marriage partner was actually the handsome and wealthy president of the Bo Group.
President Bo has a lot of harsh words, and on variety shows——
Bo Yu: Wife, I want to kiss
Bo Yu: Wife, I want to hug you to sleep
Bo Yu: Wife, I want to have a deeper communication with you
Gu Qichi raised his eyebrows and leaned closer to his ear: What else do you want to do? Do you want to see me in a small skirt?
The face of the fans is yellow: Is this something we can listen to without paying??!
In the next second, the screen of the program went black, and all the scenery disappeared into darkness
Fans were so angry that they slapped the table: Is there anything we vvvvip users can't see?!