Novel Summary
Meng Qing's ex-boyfriend was an aloof bking, he didn't talk too much about being cool, one day, he said that he was going to save the world.
After this trip, he never contacted Meng Qing again.
So Meng Qing understood that she was broken up.
two years later
Meng Qing went on a blind date, but unexpectedly, the blind date turned out to be his ex-boyfriend's cousin, and the ex-boyfriend also attended.
narrow road
Meng Qing looked at her ex-boyfriend coldly, but suddenly saw a line popping up above his head: "If I said, I just came back from saving the world, would she believe it?"
Meng Qing: "?"
The blind date began to introduce himself: "My name is Li Yue, I am 25 years old, and I own a dessert shop."
Meng Qing saw that the subtitle above her ex-boyfriend's head was changed to: "He is 250 years old, he is a glutton, he knows how to eat every day."
At this time, the restaurant waiter brought over a plate of dim sum.
The ex-boyfriend said, "That dough looks delicious, but if you eat it in front of Qing Qing, you will lose your B mark. I want to hide and eat it secretly."
Meng Qing: "..."
Blind Date: "I can cook, if we are together in the future, you don't have to cook."
The ex-boyfriend continued to have a cold face, but words kept popping up on the top of his head: "Heh! A small skill! What's so great about being able to cook for her? This king will still have a baby for her, will you?"
Meng Qing: "...??"
▼Character design: "mind reading" heroine vs secondary bking
Content tags: special liking modern overhead
One-sentence introduction: Should I trust him?
Conception: Love is companionship