Novel Summary
Xu Jianian transmigrated into the love-brained young master in the book, and the original owner was seduced by a male celebrity who was good at flirting, so he didn't hesitate to spend huge sums of money to support the other party, and refused the marriage arranged by the family for the other party.
When Xu Jianian saw the coquettish male star: "Ah, let me go, you (your coquettish anger) have suffocated me."
Male star Zhou Kai who specially wore expensive perfume:???
When Xu Jianian saw Lin He, the marriage partner arranged by his family, he had broad shoulders, narrow waist, tall and straight, and at first glance, he could be picked up by a thug in a suit...
I can!When will you be married?!
Lin He: But I heard that you have someone you like?
Xu Jianian denied: No, it's just star chasing, so what kind of liking is that?
Get to know each other after marriage first, husband~
Lin He is ruthless and abstinent, obsessed with his career, refuses to have children because of his sexual orientation, adopts a son to be raised as his heir, has strict education, and is indifferent to father and son.
After marrying Xu Jianian, their parents recommended them to participate in a family survival variety show that can cultivate the relationship between husband and wife and bring closer parent-child relationship.
In the show, Lin He is a decathlon and has full survival skills; his adopted son is very smart and has strong hands-on ability; Xu Jianian...
Xu Jianian is responsible for playing the role of the young master of the wealthy family in his true colors - he uses his brains and opens his mouth, and does not let him touch the dirty work.
Audience: Gan!Why does he have such a strong veteran and such a good boy?!
Later, the audience: Hey, you have worked hard every year, please sit down.
Xu Jianian:???
Zhou Kai, who had deliberately left Xu Jianian alone for a while, suddenly received the news that he was married to his deadly rival and would bring his son to a family variety show.
Zhou Kai: Impossible!They are definitely a fake marriage!
He joined the show as an intern father, trying to help Xu Jianian break free from the "shackles" of marriage.
Suisui: Father, the king next door (strike out) Uncle Zhou sent flowers to Dad again today, I think you need to learn some love skills, otherwise you may lose Dad.
Lin He: Heh!
Looks like he didn't try hard enough last night.
The next day, Xu Jianian, who got up late, was taken out to eat by Lin He, Sui Sui pulled a stool and cushions for him, and Lin He rubbed his waist.
Audience: AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahThank you brother Kai for sending candy to everyone!
Zhou Kai:???
One-sentence introduction: I was spoiled in the family survival variety show
The appearance is pure and cold, arrogant and reserved, but in fact he is bold and unrestrained.
Appears calm and abstinent without worldly desires, but in fact is a veteran cadre who can hug his wife at any time.
The adopted son who was born precociously broke his heart for the love of two "stupid" fathers
1. Marriage first and then love, 1v1, mutual favor, only each other physically and mentally, the protagonist is not really doing nothing in variety shows.
2. The ratio of marriage first, love and raising cubs is about 7:3.
3. Involving live variety shows and a large number of barrage, the protagonist participates in variety shows as an amateur, but will not enter the circle for development.
4. The protagonist Shou has no ambiguity with the male star, and there is no intimate contact.There is a reason why the original owner has a crush on the male celebrity. The male celebrity has a crematorium but cannot catch up.
5. It is tentatively scheduled to be updated every night at 9 o'clock, and a leave slip will be issued if there is something (overtime work).