Novel Summary
On the day of Yan Kui's 18th birthday, a system suddenly appeared in her mind, and told her that this world is actually a group favorite novel, and Yan Kui is just a pretty villain in the novel.
In the article, because of envy and jealousy of the heroine, Yan Kui tried all means to possess everything the heroine had. After the plot failed, she was sent to a mental hospital, and then quietly disappeared in front of everyone.
Yan Kui's first reaction after hearing this was:
"Failure? I don't have these two words in my dictionary"
Later, Yan Kui came to Ji's house and transferred to Peili.
Become a classmate of the hero Qi Shu.
A few years later, Ji Sier made her debut as a talented ballet girl. As she became popular, some fans picked up a road photo of her and Zhuma when they were traveling in country M.It attracted fans to live and die.
However, an insider soon broke the news that this bamboo horse had been seduced by Ji Sier's step-sister.
Moreover, this bamboo horse was just wishful thinking, and in the end he did not succeed in taking the position.
The melon eaters on the Internet cheered up and dug all the way, wanting to know who could get involved with Ji Sier, who is like a girl in the sky; while the fans secretly made up their minds to wash the shame of the goddess.
Soon some Internet experts dug up Yan Kui's information, but...
Won the MCO chemistry gold medal in the second year of high school and was recommended to Qingmu University; joined the group in the freshman year, and published two SCI papers in the third area in the third year; now at the age of 23, he was nominated for the "Ten Thousand Talents Program" young scientist because of his achievements in medicinal chemistry...…
Take a look at the photos without makeup, the skin is better than snow, the complexion is exquisite and beautiful...
Passers-by and fans: What's going on, it's not on the same level at all.
Our twenty-three years old: playing with mobile phones and eating melons.
Yan Kui's 23-year-old: Winning a national award and exploring the future for mankind.
*The heroine focuses on learning and favorability in the early stage
*Male will not appear until university
*Half-Mary Sue with both beauty and wisdom