Novel Summary
After rebirth, Zha Gong is really sweet to me
Xie Yao has been a pampered young master since he was a child, and he has never encountered any ups and downs since he was a child, except when he was sixteen years old, he met Zhou Qiming, who was shining and had his own halo.
In order to achieve his goal, young master Xie used all means to win love, and used an agreement to trap him by his side for six years.
Until the sixth year when the two were together, he died at the hands of his lover.
After being reborn once again, Xie Yao was lucky enough to be favored by fate and made up his mind to stay away from the danger of Zhou Qiming.
But just when he was about to part with the relationship between the two, he found that the person who had always hated him seemed to be approaching him intentionally.
Zhou Qiming: He just loves me, his indifference is all fake.
Xie Yao:?
Duplicity, Twist Gong x Casual Young Master Shou
Same-sex marriage legalization.
In the previous life, the two scumbags attacked and suffered, and they were half-baked, which is an atypical rebirth.
The part of the entertainment industry is purely imaginative, not rigorous, all for the purpose of promoting the plot, without a prototype.
Being reborn is still disappointing!Focus!
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Work tags: original - modern - urban - dog blood - broken mirror reunion - sadomasochism - rebirth - entertainment - HE