Novel Summary
T Genius x Popular Idol
Li Xuan thought that the soul exchange was the most outrageous thing he ever encountered,
Until he found out that the person who switched bodies with him was a dangerous person who wanted to commit suicide at any time.
Meet the first day.
Li Xuan: You are a popular artist, you don't need anything, why can't you think about it?
Sheng Min: It's not my fault that I'm rich and beautiful. I die if I want to.You, an orphan, have a lot of trouble, you might as well die with me.
Li Xuan: Shut up!...... Hold on, let's switch back, die as you like.I can collect the body for you.
After finally changing back.
Sheng Min: I'm going to die, when is it convenient for you to take care of my funeral?
Li Xuan: How about you persist?
Sheng Min: Why?
Li Xuan: For me.
I came with nothing and left with nothing, but you stopped me and gave me a star.
Soul swap, two-way redemption, a simple cookie
Li Xuan x Sheng Min