Novel Summary
Zhou Ming doesn't understand, he is young, handsome and rich, why he is always in a rough relationship and encounters are not a good match
The friend awakened the dreamer: because you are picky and old-fashioned, you pick the fish’s face first when you eat fish, and pretend to be dead when you are indecisive, you are the stumbling block on the road of love
Zhou Ming suddenly realized, the scumbag is actually me?
Perhaps the purpose of the existence of principles is to break them. Seen by Ji Yunqing's indifferent eyes, Zhou Ming obediently slapped his face and fell into the mortal world, completely lying down and accepting the crushing of fate
He did a lot of things that he couldn't imagine before, such as fighting with people, such as getting drunk all night, such as... falling in love with a man
really incredible
He is so happy
Ji Yunqing showed her beautiful eyes from the steaming smoke of red date chicken soup, indicating that the salt taste is a bit heavy
Zhou Ming added rice with a smile, and said softly, then I will pay more attention next time
Ji Yunqing was very satisfied, her only worry was that she was spoiled too much, as if she was about to gain weight
Zhou Ming hugged the person and weighed him, that's not right, he just eats meat when he's fattened up
Hey—Stubborn (former) straight man in love is scary
Don't get close to strangers with a face full of gentleness and old lady attributes x A fierce hot pepper beauty with a cool appearance, warm and ordinary daily life, trivial and delicious
"Highlight" has an ex in both offenses and offenses, and they just broke up when they met
Generally speaking, it is a story of two clumsy people getting close to each other, Xiao Tianwen, wish you a happy meal~
Content tags: urban love, happy friends, gourmet, sweet text
One-sentence introduction: sweet love!
Conception: life is alive, happiness is good