Novel Summary
Qiao Zhuo was promoted all the way from the cannon fodder small world, and was selected to complete the task of playing the villain with the outstanding performance of the first place.
The system said: "As the final big boss, you need to add bad to bad, completely bad! Bad people and gods are all angry! The male protagonist will gain growth points for defeating you, and reach the pinnacle of life. Both love and career will be reaped."
Qiao Zhuo seriously agreed.
Waiting for one or two worlds to pass, the system finds that Qiao Zhuo is bad enough, but...why did the hero and supporting actor in the book start to run after you?!Still looks like he was abandoned from beginning to end??
Qiao Zhuo felt that he had clearly completed every task goal conscientiously, but the eyes of others looking at him gradually became strange.
The more Qiao Zhuo scolded condescendingly, the male protagonist said more and more paranoidly: "Qiao Zhuo, look at me again."
Qiao Zhuo threw his glass angrily, his pretty face was full of arrogance, "Look at me like that again, I'll dig out your eyeballs."
Unexpectedly, the male protagonist's career value has grown rapidly, and every time he takes the beautiful villain back to his nest like a cub.
World One: The Big Capital Villain in the Entertainment Industry
World 2: Interstellar Noble Omega Villains
World Three: The Powerful Patriarch Villain
World 4: The Alien King Villain in the Grassland
World Five: Super IQ Genius Crazy Villain [Interstellar]
The Sixth World: Urban Strange Tales: The Big Ghost King Villain
World VII: The villain of the big profiteer in the Republic of China
World Eight: The Immortal Puppet Master, The Demon Cultivator, The Villain
World IX: Doomsday Zombie King Villain
World Ten: Wealthy Marriages Domineering CEO Villains
World Eleven: Interstellar Pirates Big Boss Villain [Interstellar]
※ Shou is the real villain, and the villain is not whitewashed.
※Attack paranoia, strong possessiveness.
※ Double place, 1V1, HE.
※ Subject to heartthrob attribute.
※There is dog literature.
Content tags: special liking, falling in love and killing each other, system, fast travel
One sentence introduction: The villain really has no difficulties.
Conception: No matter what kind of stage you are on, you can perform brilliantly.