Novel Summary
Once Lu Ze traveled through time, he became the cannon fodder of the villain Wen Yilin. The villain has a Bai Yueguang, and the original owner is just a substitute for the villain Bai Yueguang.
So Lu Ze only needs to act as a stand-in
You can live the unpretentious life of a wealthy president
In this regard, Lu Ze said
soft rice is delicious
rich, leisure and power
I am very satisfied
But there is always a system around him that allows Lu Ze to collect resentment points, otherwise he will die.
So Lu Ze can only incarnate as Lu Dangdang,
Hate the sky, beat the air, until Bai Yueguang got on the ventilator.
Wen Yilin is the youngest general in the empire, and he has always had a male Bai Yueguang in his heart. Unfortunately, when the female is 25 years old, she has to be forced to match the male lead, and his matching partner is actually very similar to Bai Yueguang.
At first he just used Lu Ze as a stand-in
But Lu Ze's vase is too sticky
Every time take a bath, will wait for him on the bed with a blushing face.
Wen Yilin: "I actually don't want to, but he is too good at acting like a baby."
One day, Wen Yilin nestled in Lu Ze's arms and licked the cat. He happened to see the headlines of the empire news revealing that his White Moonlight Empire's third prince had a chaotic sex life and sold banned drugs.publicity news.
Wen Yilin raised his head, "Your Bai Yueguang Wen Jianqing is going to jail."
Lu Ze lowered his head and rubbed Wen Yilin's hair: "It's getting cold, let Wen's go bankrupt."
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two-way redemption
There is a stand-in plot
The original owner and Wen Yilin (Shou) regard each other as substitutes
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