Novel Summary
When first met Xi'an, it was the first year when Lin Qingbai fell from the fairy world to the mortal world.
He dressed as a dying prince.
What used to be a turbulent situation has become the current diseased and broken bones.
That day he met a child who was called a thief and curled up in the snow to suffer fists and kicks.
Lin Qingbai ordered his servants to help him repel the assailant and give him hot buns.
Unexpectedly, the child took the steamed stuffed bun, and instead of devouring it hungrily, he turned his head and looked at Lin Qingbai through the heavy snow.
Lin Qingbai stood far away under the gate of the temple, with snow falling on his shoulders, and his white clothes fluttering, like an exiled immortal.
He looked away, picked up the oiled paper fan, and stepped down the steps.
The child followed Lin Qingbai without missing a step.
This is twelve years.
Everyone in the capital said that Lin Qingbai was very lucky to have picked up a good apprentice who was once in a thousand years.
Lin Qingbai felt the same way.
When Xi An was six years old, he knew that Lin Qingbai didn't like bitter medicine, so he ventured up the mountain to pick raspberries.
When Xi An was fourteen years old, he voluntarily asked Ying to risk his life on the battlefield in order to relieve Lin Qingbai from the court.
When Xi An was eighteen years old, after four years of fighting, he was about to become a young man. He rode a tall horse and returned to the court triumphantly amidst the praises of thousands of people, full of glory.
——It was also in that year that Xi An rebelled.
Twelve years, but a dream.
He imprisoned Lin Qingbai in the palace.
Outside the hall, the city was full of blood, and there was constant shouting and fighting.
In the hall, the red curtains were floating around, Xi'an ignored Lin Qingbai's struggle, hugged Lin Qingbai tightly in his arms, and raised his hand to hold the dagger that Lin Qingbai was about to stab at him.
The sharp edge pierced the flesh and blood in Xi An's palm, the blood was trickling, but he never let go.
Xi An rested his chin on Lin Qingbai's shoulder, closed his eyes, and suddenly laughed out loud and said, "Everyone in the world wants me to die, I thought only Master wasn't... It turned out that even Master didn't...exception."
"But Master, now you are just my prisoner, so what can you do."
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1. #我加养的狗子,从入养狼#
2. Xianxia Wen, the early stage is the mortal chapter, and the part of Xianxia will be mentioned later, HE!HE!HE!
3. On the surface, humans and animals are harmless, but in fact bloodthirsty and mad, criticizing Gong vs. on the surface, cold, but in fact soft and gentle, the sick beauty Master Shou, young, cultivated, dog-blooded.
4. There will be unconventional wives chasing crematoriums.
5. The attack in the early stage looks very good, but it is actually a really crazy batch.