Novel Summary
Copywriting: Yu Nian woke up from a car accident, and found that he was transmigrated into a book, and became the little cannon fodder next to the villainous boss He Xingque.
The big villain, He Xingque, owns a business empire, but has a gloomy personality and vicious methods. He is a stumbling block on the protagonist's success. In the end, he is defeated by the protagonist's cooperation and the company goes bankrupt...
Yu Nian: O's K, I don't need to introduce any more, I understand the process, and then I have to influence him with my heart and love, right?So where does the plot go now?The high school period when the villain has not yet been blackened, or the business war period that has already been blackened?
The next second, under the quilt, the arms around his waist tightened, and the big villain kissed his forehead: "Niannian, don't you want to sleep a little longer?"
Yu Nian:???
A second later, a little cub gently opened the door: "Daddy, can I sleep with you?"
The big villain replied lightly: "No, sleep by yourself."
Yu Nian:!!!
Who can tell him why the villain married cannon fodder and has a cub?!
Does this still feel like a fart?!
There have been two car accidents in the past year.
The first car accident happened when he was sixteen years old. After the car accident, he passed through a book and became the little cannon fodder next to the villain He Xingque.
In the second car accident, he and He Xingque were married for five years, and his memory returned to the time when he was just wearing a book.
Yu Nian looked at the big and small villains and sighed.
In order to save the fate of the villain's family, Yu Nian broke his heart.
In the company, Yu Nian: "Boss, don't fight against the protagonist Gong Shou, something will happen."
He Xingque held the financial statements of the company's market capitalization exceeding one trillion yuan this quarter.
At the auction, Yu Nian: "Yu Nian, don't fight with the protagonist, or something will happen."
He Xingque held his hand and helped him take a picture of the classical piano he liked.
In the kindergarten, Yu Nian: "Zai Zai, don't fight with the protagonist's cub... wait a minute! The protagonist has no cubs, hiahiahia!"
The big and small villains looked at the amnesiac wife/father, and also heaved a long sigh.
When will my wife/dad find out that I am the strongest cub in the company/kindergarten?