Novel Summary
Liu Ruoqian is a small ginseng.
Transmigrated into the real daughter of the prime minister's family who wandered away since childhood. Once she was brought back, she would enter the palace instead of the fake daughter who didn't want to die.
Everyone said that she would definitely die within a day.
"Birth mother: Good boy, mother can't bear you.
Fake daughter: Sister, I will always remember you.
Father: Qianqian, as a father, will treat your adoptive parents well."
The Prime Minister's Mansion tremblingly waited to collect the corpse, but they waited day after day, month after month...
He didn't wait for the body to be collected, but waited for the tyrant to make Liu Ruoqian his empress and dismiss the harem for her.
Ever since Lu Rengu could hear the voices of women in the harem, he often had a splitting headache.
Those women either wanted to use him to gain power for their family, or they were thinking of how to harm him.
Until, a pure-minded little concubine who was only greedy for his beauty climbed onto his dragon couch, patted him gently, and said in her heart: Brother tyrant is so pretty.
The whole world suddenly became clean...
*1V1/HE/Double First Love/Sweet Pet Wendaixiang
*Ginseng essence who is not deeply involved in the world but has a lot of luck
*A tyrant with a tyrannical personality and a dark heart, but lacks love
*The heroine heals the body and mind of the hero / the hero protects the heroine's growth