Novel Summary
Qin Chu traveled to a dynasty that had never appeared in history.
Fortunately, she transmigrated into the daughter of the richest man in the county: Miss Qin.
Unfortunately, Miss Qin is not only lame, but also a notorious villain who bullies men and women.
The night just crossed over-
Qin Chu was helpless to the bed by the servant girl in a daze, and had an indescribable dream that night.
The beauty in ancient costume in the dream is so easy to bully, she can't wait to practice all the theoretical knowledge.
Later in the academy class-
Qin Chu looked at Qiu Jinning's slightly cold eyes, and was dazed.
She seemed to have seen this man's uncontrollable appearance, in a dream.
The little maid warmly reminded: "That's Qiu Jinning, the county magistrate's daughter, and the master told me not to mess with anyone."
Qin Chu: It seems that you have already provoked me, what should do if provoked you inside and out...
1. Harmony first, then love, sweet text.
2. Overhead fiction, declined textual research.
3. The writing style is flimsy, same-sex marriageable background.
Finally: Thank you for your support, hold tight, and circle around~
"The picture of the main character has been released on V blog: Jinjiang July Shore"