Novel Summary
Before Qi Hanchuan died, he was bound to the redemption system 821, which was also about to break down. The task was to redeem those obsessed people who died tragically in the previous life. Every time he saved one, he could get a piece of energy to maintain his and the system's life.
The tragic ending was successfully avoided, but why did the rescued object develop a new obsession?
In the first world, the person to be rescued is a fake young master who worked hard for the group, but was killed as a fake young master who died of depression with disabled legs.
Qi Hanchuan became the fake young master's nurse, protecting the fake young master while secretly helping him bring down the group.
The moment the false young master's wish came true, he thought that Qi Hanchuan was about to leave, so he kissed him fiercely with red eyes.
False young master: "Want to leave? No way!"
In the second world, the object of rescue is the sane zombie king, who died because of his credulous belief in human beings who were tied up in the laboratory for slice research.
Qi Hanchuan became a poor little boy picked up by the face-control zombie king who had just become sane and dumbfounded. He quickly became stronger, and at the same time, he kept brainwashing the zombie king about how cunning human beings are, so stay away from humans.
The Zombie King nodded blankly, and at the same time clumsily handed all the crystal nuclei he took out to Qi Hanchuan, looking at him with shining eyes: "Stay away from humans, stay close to Chuanchuan."
Qi Hanchuan (human):?
In the third world, the rescue object is a pure male college student who was pushed out by the family to marry an old man, and was hit and killed by a car on the way to escape.
Qi Hanchuan became the dandy son of an old man who drank to death, and decided to extinguish the flames of the tragic death from the source, and replace the marriage with the business cooperation between the two groups.
Unexpectedly, the marriage was not cancelled, but transferred to his head. The rescued object showed no sign of wanting to escape, and was gearing up for the wedding immediately.
Pure boy: "I don't want to be your stepmother, I want to be your wife, kiss."
The fourth world, regent x troubled prince
Compass: 1v1, main attack, small world order may change~