Novel Summary
Lingquan space, gourmet food, cute pets, and sweet texts.
This article is also known as "After I congratulated the boss, he became clingy", "After congratulating him, what should I do if I can't get away from it".
After transmigrating the book, Xie Yunjin became a poor cannon fodder who married a vegetative boss on behalf of her scumbag sister. In order to get a divorce as soon as possible, he prayed to gods and worshiped Buddha in front of her vegetative husband's bed every day, hoping that the cheap husband would wake up.
Xi Fengchen accidentally turned into a vegetative state during a mission, and his mother married him a wife after being in a coma for two years.
Later, his mother whispered in his ear that if he didn't wake up, he would take his wife as his godson and his younger brother, and let his wife go free.
This is still a mother who can do things. The anxious Xi vassal woke up that night and hugged his wife in his arms. The wife is mine.
Gentle and handsome craftsman shou vs. ex-vegetative and stepwife slave gangster attack one-on-one, double c, there is room for shou to wear books.
Our slogan is: go to the pinnacle of life and marry rich and handsome!