Novel Summary
Ella didn't expect that after being reincarnated as a fairy tale princess, she would travel through time again.
This time she traveled to Sathya, a country similar to ancient Egypt, and was cheated by the mission of the neighboring country because of her language barrier, and became a foreign princess who paid tribute to Sathya.
Can’t escape, Ella, who has three chapters with King Sathya, can only stay, but the palace will never become her cage. She is a fairy tale princess raised by fairies, with special abilities and blessings, and a bunch of treasures, no matter where she isCan live comfortably.
PS: The kingdom of Sathia is based on ancient Egypt, but it is very empty. After all, many traditions in ancient Egypt are themes banned by JJ, and may also involve religious issues, so there are major changes, basically based on the geographical environment,The usage of the text name is always convenient for everyone to understand.
PPS: SC, the male and female protagonists are each other's first love, there is no palace fighting, and the male protagonist has other secrets in the harem.
The work of rehabilitation, it is said that pregnancy is stupid for three years, hope this article can still be read by everyone.
Cover source: Qianqianyatupu