Novel Summary
Luo Zining took the small supermarket he opened to travel to ancient times and became the husband and wife of a disabled prince.
The original owner was resented by the new emperor because he stood in the wrong team, and gave him a marriage to the crippled prince as his wife.
The original owner disliked the prince, who was not only disabled but also powerless, and closed the door to abuse the prince and give him a cuckold. In the end, the prince turned over and was the first to hang his head on the city wall.
Luo Zining happened to travel back to the time when the original owner pushed the crippled prince into the snow to freeze and not let him go back to his room to sleep.
Seeing the gloomy look in the disabled prince's eyes, Luo Zining was terrified, "I kicked you out to prepare a surprise for you. I closed the door because I wanted to decorate our wedding room. Husband, hurry up!"Come back, I'll help you warm up the quilt."
The prince looked at his shy face: "What tricks are you playing?"
Just after graduating from Luozining University, he opened a small supermarket downstairs and lived a flat life. After time travel, he became the husband and wife of a crippled prince. The fiefdom was still a bitterly cold place, and even their palace was leaky.
But he didn't dislike the hardship and poverty here like the original owner, and was very excited.
The sky is high, the emperor is far away, the prince is disabled, the whole city is his, he can do whatever he wants.
"It's absolutely fine to grow potatoes in this soil, plant them!"
"There are coal mines here, and there are countless rare medicinal materials on the mountain, dig it!"
"It's freezing cold, and the people here only live in adobe houses? Build a brick factory! Build a cement factory!"
Want to ask him if he knows what season to farm?Know how to make cement?How to mine?Do you know medicinal materials?
Luo Zining: "Unexpectedly, I can connect to the Internet in my small supermarket~"
The place where the original birds don't shit is rich and prosperous under his transformation.
Knowing that the hero had cured his leg secretly, and contacted his former subordinates to return to the capital, he generously paid the hero a large sum of gold and silver for military expenses.
He is investing, and when the male lead becomes the emperor, considering his care over the years and paying so much money, not only will he not be killed, but he will be rewarded ten times and a hundred times.
When the male lead really sat on the throne, he looked forward to watching the male lead cancel his engagement with him.
The male protagonist sitting on the throne: "Canonize Luo Zining as empress."
Luo Zining: "???"