Novel Summary
Shen Yunxing became pregnant by accident, and the child's father is a frequent visitor to the financial channel - Fu Tingzhou.
But he is only eighteen, he can't afford this child.But the doctor said that it would be life-threatening if she lost it, so she planned to find the child's father.
After sowing the seeds, wanted to run away, but there was no way!
A few days ago, Fu Tingzhou slept with a little boy. The old virgin had sex and got out of control. He planned to find someone to continue the relationship, but when the child opened his mouth, he was held responsible because he was pregnant with his cub.
Fu Tingzhou wanted to laugh, and took someone to the hospital himself, to see what other tricks this kid could play.In the end, he was dumbfounded—he really had his own cub!
When a friend asked what to do, Fu Tingzhou didn't even think about it, and replied, "I'm raising it."
Shen Yunxing didn't dare to look carefully the day he got drunk and went to the wrong room.
When saw him later, only thought that Mr. Fu was a serious, hard-to-get-together person with a very serious attitude towards old cadres.
However, after living together——
Shen Yunxing was going to school, and Mr. Fu picked him up by car, water cups, blankets, and snacks.
Shen Yunxing went out to film, and Mr. Fu invited the whole crew to dinner. His portion was a loving lunch made by Mr. Fu himself.
Later, Shen Yunxing's belly grew, and Mr. Fu was afraid that he would be bored at home, so he took him downstairs for a walk on time every afternoon, and became the "best model husband" in the entire villa area.
Who can refuse Mr. Fu like this?Can't!
So on a sunny morning, Shen Yunxing put Mr. Fu in the bathroom...
The cutie has a serious expression: "Mr. Fu, do you have someone you like? If not, can you have a relationship with me?"
Mr. Fu held the belt in his hand: "...can I apply to put on my trousers first?"
"Little Theater One"
After Fu Xingzhou's baby was born——
Shen Yunxing put on a serious face: "Baby, our family is very poor, so you have to be obedient and not spend money recklessly, you know?"
Baby Zhou Zhou patted his chest: "I know~"
Fu Xingzhou, who lived frugally for more than ten years and helped people copy their homework to earn pocket money, finally knew the truth: "They are all liars!!"
"Little Theater II"
Shen Yunxing: "Mr. Fu, don't you think Zhou Zhou is too lonely?"
Fu Tingzhou: "Have a second child?"
Shen Yunxing: "I mean Zhou Zhou should go to kindergarten."
Fu Tingzhou: "Yes, let's have a second child and go to school with him..."
Shen Yunxing who was pressed on the bed and kissed: "Excuses, they are all excuses!!"
"Eating Guide"
1. In ancient times, there is a 12-year-old gap between Gong and Shou
2. Pet!pet!pet!daily life