Novel Summary
Ning Yu Yi is accidentally transmigrated into a cannon fodder in a book, a cannon fodder who grew up in the same orphanage as the main character and would disappear within the first few chapters according to the original book’s face-slapping plot.The original protagonist would have beaten Ning Yuyi to the punch in the first chapter to get a big production third male-lead role, and with this role, he would have been a hit all summer long. Ning Yu Yi looked at the role in front of him, which was inexplicably assigned to him the day before the casting, and was silentThe original protagonist would be found by his rich biological father in the middle of his life to recognise his ancestors and henceforth inherit his father’s multi-billion dollar fortune. Ning Yu Yi looked at his newly found celebrity elder brother and president elder brother in front of him as well as his parents, who were at the top of the Forbes list of the world’s richest people and became even more silent.The original protagonist will cooperate with the world-famous Fan group at a later stage, leading his parents from being unknowns to becoming a wealthy family. Ning Yuyi was holding the flowers given to him by Fan Zhongchuan, with the proposal ring on top of the flower, he… he couldn’t stay silent any longer!Ning Yuyi: This isn’t right, the original plot wasn’t like this QAQA marketing account revealed that Ning Yuyi had been frequently photographed standing close to many rich people and some top-ranking people recently and it was suspected that he has been taken care of by many people.But……Xie Yizhou: Come and meet my biological younger brother who just came back @NingyuyiFenghua Entertainment-Xie Yanan: My younger brother, thank you very much @NingyuyiXie Group: A little introduction, our young master @NingyuyiFan Group: My boyfriend @NinyuyiMelon-eating passerbys: !!!Fans: ???Ning Yuyi: Accidentally became the favourite of two wealthy families.