Novel Summary
After billions of years of evolution, humans have formed a spiritual lock.Spiritual lock physique: there is a door with a lock in the human brain, each time you push open a door, you will gain stronger abilities. The key physique that helps the lock to open the door of ability more easily.Shen XiuYan, the young master of Shen’s family, is a master of all spiritual locks. Capable of Keys.I heard that young master Shen is good-looking, white, and beautiful, and everyone admires him.I heard that Shen’s business is suddenly failing and is going bankrupt.I heard that Shen wants to sacrifice the young master’s happiness so that he can save the Shen family through marriage.I heard that countless tycoons have come to propose marriage to young master Shen, but young master Shen has a true love.All thought that young master Shen would refuse the arranged marriage and choose his true love without rebellion, and everyone was waiting to see the joke of Shen.However, no one expected that young master Shen chose to marry with the top powerful family Lin’s and became the strongest young lady of the powerful family in one leap.In addition to the fact that the company has a lot of money to spend, the company also has a lot of money to spend.