Novel Summary
Ji Ruan transmigrated into an old-fashioned dog-blood abusive story and became a pitiful little shou who was abused both physically and emotionally after marrying the gong through an agreement.After checking himself, he found out that he had hearing loss, was physically weak and had nowhere to go.Very Good. Ji Ruan leaned back against the hospital bed. Since he was uncomfortable, he was going to lie down for a while.At first, the gong was cold and indifferent, saying, “The agreement will expire in three years. I hope you will leave quietly.”Ji Ruan turned on his cochlear implant and looked tired, asking, “Sorry, I didn’t hear clearly. Could you say it again?”Gong: “…Or maybe you should just rest.”Later, the white moonlight revealed the truth angrily: “Do you think he married you because he loves you? You just look like me. He only loves me!”Ji Ruan fumbled around and mumbled to himself, “Where’s my cochlear implant…”He accidentally fell off the hospital bed, and the monitor alarm rang throughout the hospital. The next second, the gong rushed into the ward with doctors and guards, picked him up and scolded him, “Didn’t I tell you not to get out of bed?!”Ji Ruan blinked his big eyes and stared at his lips blankly. Gu Xiuyi took a deep breath, and his anger disappeared. He leaned down and kissed Ji Ruan’s ear, with lingering fear, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid. I’ll cure you for sure.” Ji Ruan: What are they talking about? Are they done abusing me? When can I go to sleep?Before getting married, Gu Xiuyi thought he was marrying a big troublemaker.It wasn’t until after they got married that he found out what it meant to be a priceless little bundle of joy for generations.