Novel Summary
[The scum Gong was reborn and pampered Shou, the road to chasing his wife was long~]Before Rebirth, he was a scumbag, but after rebirth, he became a flattered and gentle general Gong × soft and sticky, pitiful crybaby, highly skilled doctor Shou in his previous lifeFu Yicen made significant achievements in battle and was loyal. But what he got in return was being framed by his beloved woman and emperor on charges of treason. When he was betrayed by everyone, only Zhou Rendong, his male wife who had been treated harshly by him for five years, tried everything to save him, and finally died tragically because of him. Unable to bear the humiliation, Fu Yicen committed su*cide. When he woke up, he found himself reborn three years after marrying his wife. This time he vowed to kill the enemy with his own hands and protect Zhou Rendong’s well-being for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, Zhou Rendong, who had been tortured mercilessly for three years, dared not trust him anymore. What else could the self-indlicted General Fu do? Of course pamper! Pamper! Pamper! He spoiled his crybaby petite wife all the way to become a little genius doctor praised by everyone in the world! Before rebirth: on the big wedding night, Fu Yicen sneered: “Get out and don’t make my bed dirty.” Zhou Rendong picked up the torn clothes, and timidly said: Yes……After rebirth: Fu Yicen was shameless to massage his petite wife’s waist and fawned: “Don’t cry, baby. I was wrong…”The little wife wiped his tears and said softly: Kneel down for punishment! Don’t touch me at night. As a result, General Fu was kicked out of the room and knelt on the washboard to think about life.His obedient, soft and coquettish petite wife, when did he buy a room full of washboards behind his back? ! General Fu was going to lose his face?Forget it, my face is not as important as my little wife’s. Just kneel down.