Novel Summary
Before Shen He could even find a boyfriend in his own time, he found himself transported into a novel, taking the place of a doomed character destined for tragic betrayal. This character was raised by the male protagonist himself, entrusted and nurtured as his closest confidante, only to ultimately betray and meet a brutal death at the male protagonist's hands. Shen He: Trembling in fear. Assuming the role of the confidante was far from what Shen He desired. He’d rather cling to the male lead's coattails, hoping that with his support, he could wield some influence and perhaps even find an attractive boyfriend someday. And so began Shen He's diligent journey to ingratiating himself. When he learned to speak, his first word was "Crown Prince". When he learned to walk, the first person he ran to was the Crown Prince. When he learned to write, the first name he wrote was again, "Crown Prince". After years of dedication, Shen He became a trusted figure by the Crown Prince's side. All in all, he enjoyed his role: the perks were grand, and his sole focus was but one individual. Whenever the male lead was occupied, Shen He took the opportunity to flaunt his influence, becoming a dominant force in the capital. By the time he turned twenty, he hoped to retire with a treasure trove and lead a life of luxury. He had it all planned out: he would relocate to Jiangnan, a place known for its scenic beauty, and perhaps find a handsome man to call his own. As days turned into nights, Shen He finally witnessed the male protagonist overcome all obstacles, ascending to unparalleled power. Shen He rejoiced: Retirement, here I come! That very night, he packed his bags, exchanged his wealth, and contacted a close friend to accompany him to Jiangnan. But instead of his friend, the male protagonist arrived. The male lead, holding Shen He's chin with a dangerous tone, said, "I heard you're planning to settle down in Jiangnan and are even thinking of finding a handsome young master to wed?" Shen He replied nervously, "Is it wrong to want a man?" The male protagonist smiled, "Not at all. Choose me. Let the Crown Prince make you his queen." #All I wanted was to lay low, but he wants me to be his queen# #Do I look like someone fit to be the Empress to you?#