Novel Summary
Before his near-death, Chi Shen entered an infinite game. He vanquished tens of thousands of malevolent spirits, dodged covert and overt attacks from countless players, and finally emerged victorious. Before leaving the game, he set two simple goals for himself: Find a job. Be a better person. The first goal was a cinch. Matching his expertise, Chi Shen effortlessly landed a job as a horror game designer. He joyfully went to work, sneakily slacked off, casually adjusted the company's feng shui, exorcised spirits for colleagues, and even... occasionally took on the role of proxy head for several prominent spiritual clans. But the second goal proved challenging. The love from his adoptive parents he once longed for, the recognition from his birth parents, and even the family's exclusive exorcism techniques – all came pouring in. The imposter, who had once led him to his demise and obstructed his return to the family, was now kneeling, sobbing uncontrollably, begging for his life. Chi Shen glanced at his birth family's home, the debts of blood accumulated by the prominent spiritual clan, and the lost souls in the hands of the imposter. With a smile, he retracted his hand, "Do not disturb my daily life. This is your only warning." Within his shadow, a catastrophic spirit opened its blood-red eyes, gazing at everyone, and slowly unveiled a menacing grin.