Novel Summary
Xie Yin Xue is on the brink of death, yet he clings to life. In a desperate bid to survive, Xie Yin Xue, with no prior knowledge of exorcism, takes on a part-time job as a celestial master, helping individuals resolve paranormal occurrences. In return, clients are required to share a month of their lifespan with him and bear half of his afflictions. His venture isn’t smooth sailing, prompting Xie Yin Xue to join a game named "Eternal Lock". Once you're in, failure to clear the game results in death. However, many participants are willing to endure temporary pain in exchange for extended life. Inside the game, Xie Yin Xue extends his life by aiding others to clear levels. But due to his overpowering abilities, players often mistake him for a game NPC. Xie Yin Xue doesn’t mind, as long as it doesn’t hinder his pursuit of longevity. That is, until the day he meets a real NPC... NPC: "Evil ones are molded from water, the good from mud. The sight of the wicked refreshes me, while the righteous seem foul and repelling. Yet, Mr. Xie, you're different from both; you have a delightful fragrance." Xie Yin Xue: "Are you challenging me?" Xie Yin Xue: "?" "If the King of Hell decrees your death at the third watch, I can keep you alive till the fifth."