Novel Summary
In a digital realm, Tang Yun met an unusual nighttime companion: someone claiming to have endured a severe fire during their childhood. The trauma left their respiratory system damaged, rendering them mute. Extensive burns marred their face, leading to deep-rooted insecurities. Every time they met in a hotel, this individual would wear a fox mask, shielding their appearance from the world. While Tang Yun was naturally curious about what lay beneath, the face that had experienced so much pain, he respected his partner's wishes and, in solidarity, wore a rabbit mask himself. After all, Tang Yun was mostly intrigued by the stranger's physique and skills, figuring he'd eventually tire of this mysterious liaison and move on. One day, during a video conference, Tang Yun noticed something peculiar on the neck of a chatty client – a patch eerily similar to the one he'd placed on his silent companion the night before, hiding a 'love bite'. Featuring: Kuang Yanhe (A dignified CEO by day, and a secretive drama enthusiast playing a mute groom by night) x Tang Yun (A by-the-book lawyer during daylight, and a self-indulgent live-streamer after sunset). Dive into the journey of two sophisticated individuals with flawed pasts, navigating adult romance. Both protagonists are imperfect, proceed with caution if this is not your preference.