Novel Summary
During his senior internship, Ying Li landed a job as a nanny. The employer’s stipulations: proficient in cooking and laundry, available on call, no fan-girling, no biases towards stars, a monthly salary of 100,000, and would provide an internship certificate. Ying Li reasoned, "It's not about the money, it's about the certificate." However, upon arrival at his employer's residence, he was shocked. No one mentioned he’d be nannying for the hottest boy band! — Within just three months of debuting, "Number" had taken the entertainment industry by storm. Qi Xie, the leader and all-around ACE, is known for his aloof and temperamental nature. Yet, his enigmatic visage bewitched many. Most notably, he abandoned his trillion-dollar inheritance to pursue his entertainment dream. Bian Qiao, the main dancer hailing from an illustrious arts family, possesses a noble aura. A single glance or smile from him sends fans' hearts aflutter. He's the dreamy idol of countless fans. Shen Yao, the rapper, exudes a rugged athletic charm, with chiseled abs and an unmatched swagger. Whenever he shows off his abs, fans can't contain their excitement. Song Ji Mo, the main vocalist, has a voice so captivating that he’s been dubbed "The Son of the Siren". Even before joining the band, he already had tens of millions of followers. Xie Wen Shi, the youngest, boasts a striking mixed heritage with mesmerizing blue eyes. Despite his youth, his sweet words make him impossible not to adore. — Soon after, "Number" appeared on a travel variety show, with Ying Li accompanying as the nanny, masked from the camera's view. Netizens speculated, "Who's that? Must be hiding an ugly face behind the mask." "Probably only his eyes are worth looking at." One morning, Ying Li didn't stir to prepare breakfast by 8 am. Qi Xie pushed open the nanny’s room door. Netizens sympathized, "This nanny's going to pack up and leave in three seconds!" Yet, moments later, Qi Xie's deep voice resonated, "Sleep a bit more." Netizens were left dumbfounded. When Ying Li accidentally wet his clothes, Bian Qiao lent him some. Netizens were shocked, "Bian Qiao is a known neat-freak! Is this nanny courting death?" Bian Qiao examined the oversized garment on Ying Li and commented, "A bit too large." Netizens: "What?" After a strenuous 10 km march planned by the show, an exhausted Ying Li could barely move. Netizens sneered, "Such low stamina, this nanny's just holding them back." But Shen Yao gently laid him on the bed, saying softly, "Relax, let me give you a massage." During the night, when Ying Li had a stomachache, Song Ji Mo personally drove him to the hospital and stayed by his side, tenderly chiding, "You're an adult, yet you eat like a greedy child." Xie Wen Shi even ran errands and delivered food, uttering not a word of complaint, "Brother Ying Li, I'll take good care of you." The internet community grew more intrigued, "Who exactly is this guy?" Number members replied, "Our nanny." Netizens exclaimed, "This is a nanny? Who's the real nanny here?" — As "Number" swept all major awards, their acceptance speeches consistently thanked... a nanny? Upon deeper investigation, the mysterious nanny turned out to be the same guest performer who played the guitar like a pipa during a concert, the renowned YouTuber with a mesmerizing suona performance, and the incredibly handsome influencer with millions of followers. Ying Li became a sensation!