Novel Summary
Opening his eyes, he found himself back in his first life from the post-apocalyptic world. With a stoic face, Xia You crushed the wine goblet in his hand. At the Marshal's matchmaking banquet, a seemingly innocent-faced younger brother held his hand, sincerely offering to help him elope. It took Xia You nearly fifteen seconds to recall that in his first life, he had been a naive lover, easily manipulated without realizing it. Xia You thought, "I'm tired, I've lived enough. Let it all end." In the Empire, healers with psychic powers were exceedingly rare. Upon reaching adulthood, they would be matched for psychic compatibility, gradually meeting potential mates with high psychic powers. Due to an unexpected perfect compatibility match, Xia You ended up marrying the Empire's Marshal. His marital partner was impeccable: gentle in disposition, mature, tolerant, immensely wealthy, and occasionally went into deep slumber. Moreover, there was a sleek black panther as part of the inheritance. It seemed like the perfect resting place for a laid-back soul. After the marriage, Xia You thought, "This is bliss." However, there was something odd. The precious black panther seemed too understanding. Whenever Xia You would laze on the couch, wishing for a drink, the agile panther would silently bring a beverage, then gracefully lay beside him. He wondered, "Is this what a highly intelligent beast in the interstellar world is like?" He was absolutely smitten!