Novel Summary
Yu He is renowned amongst the young elites for his dazzling good looks and his penchant for idleness. Relying on his privileged background, he shamelessly revels in his aimless life. However, he's not the real heir. When the true heir returns to the Yu family, not only is Yu He cast out by his adoptive parents, but he also becomes the caretaker of a formidable man with unique tastes. Yu He resigns himself, thinking, "Whatever." Within a secluded, eerie castle, a handsome man with a brooding face sits in a wheelchair, his suit impeccably tailored. He gazes at Yu He with a cold indifference, his hidden sharpness both awe-inspiring and terrifying. After one night together... Yu He quips, "Had I known of your...preferences, I'd have been here much sooner." From that day on, Yu He becomes the cherished 'Golden Crane' kept within the tycoon's castle. When the true heir, tearful and distraught, comes to 'rescue' Yu He, he discovers that Yu He has taken residence in the private mansion of none other than Fu Yunzhen, the head of an ultra-elite family. Fu Yunzhen, a name even the patriarch of the Yu family eagerly seeks to curry favor with, is a force to be reckoned with in the business world. It's said his moods are unpredictable, his methods ruthless. After an accident left him with a leg disability, he became even more formidable. His leg injury is a sensitive subject; one wrong look could spell disaster. But to the shock of the real heir, in the depths of the garden, he witnesses Yu He straddling Fu Yunzhen's lap, both of them sharing a passionate kiss in the wheelchair. News of Fu Yunzhen's sponsorship of Yu He spread like wildfire. Many scorned Yu He as shameless. Yet, Yu He unabashedly used this newfound attention to host live streams and monetize the attention. Initially, viewers berated him. But their tones changed upon seeing the lavish estates, luxury cars, designer watches, and jewelry. When dozens of attendants bowed in respect to Yu He, even the haters expressed envy. Soon, every wealthy individual who desired a connection with Fu Yunzhen showered Yu He with gifts on his live streams, hoping he'd put in a good word for them. Yu He made a comeback, soaring to even greater heights! Fu Yunzhen grumbles, "Stop focusing on that silly live stream. Look at me." Yu He smirks, "You're the best view." Everyone expected Fu Yunzhen to tire of Yu He. But to their surprise, next came their engagement party. At the party, the real heir's partner sneered, "Yu He, how long can one sustain a relationship based on allure? People get bored." Fu Yunzhen retorted, "You'd better hope Yu He doesn't get bored. If he falls out of love with me, your family will be the first to go bankrupt." Those who once looked down on Yu He were left stunned. They pleaded, "Yu He, please keep loving him longer. We're begging you!"