Novel Summary
Since childhood, Lu Feishi was extraordinarily sensitive to pheromones associated with alcohol. During his internship at a certain company, one day, he unexpectedly caught an omega in heat under the president's office desk. This rumored President Fu was not only an Omega masquerading as an Alpha, but his pheromones were also sweet as wine~ His normally dormant pheromones instantly spiraled out of control. "President Fu, retract your pheromones, or I'll be forced to apologize to you in advance." Fu Ning had recruited a pretty little intern, who was a flirt and a lady-killer within his company~ The young intern behaved demurely during the day at the company. But at night, he was seen as a bartender, his movements slick and practiced, in the glitzy ambiance of the bar, flirting in a way that made faces flush and hearts stir. He thought the young intern was just an ordinary pauper, but to his surprise, the lad got drunk and began throwing money around in the center of the dance floor. "Ladies and gentlemen, this round's on me!" Later, during the company's routine health check-up. The young intern retrieved his medical report, his hands bracing on the table as his breath grew dangerously close, "President Fu, you're pregnant! Whose, is it?" Fu Ning frowned and blurted out, "Abort it!" The scent of roses filled the entire office building in an instant. Lu Feishi narrowed his eyes, "Say that again!" Fu Ning's legs went weak under the assault of the overpowering pheromones, "Retract... retract your pheromones."