Novel Summary
A top-level assassin, having traversed through worlds, not only merged with a mage's storage account but also gained a vast expanse of land. Vast, yet impoverished. On his first day in this territory, Felos thought he had stumbled upon a Lich's monster spawn point, as the residents were so emaciated. Villagers: My lord... hungry... food... Felos: ...Alright then. ... Barren land? Bring in the fertilizer and water trucks. Elves: How is it possible to yield thousands per acre without the spring of life? By the Tree of Life! Twice-yearly monster invasions? Serve them up fried, grilled, or stir-fried. Dragons: I'm innocent! Dragon meat doesn't taste good at all! Sparse population? Census office clerk: When can the lord expand our office building? We've tried tech-immigrant lotteries, and yet the queues are endless! The city management complains daily about us blocking the streets! Since Lancelotville is too small with limited slots, why not expand the territory and see? Various intelligent races: Wailing, "Lord Felos, have you considered ruling the world? Please consider it!" Felos: ??? I'm not, I haven't, don't spread rumors! ... Lancelotville, a trendsetting metropolis that combines tourism, leisure, entertainment, and retirement living, coveted by countless as a prime residence. A royal elementary school essay with full marks: My Dream – "My dream is to have a permanent residence in Lancelotville. First, I must study hard to become an excellent scholar. Then, I will practice meditation to become a great mage. Additionally, I'll train in swordsmanship to become a master swordsman. Finally, I aspire to be an alchemist, brewing a large pot of Fortune Elixir, praying for a lucky draw." Teacher's comment: A wonderful dream, but first, you must belong to the eternal race.