Novel Summary
Overwhelmed by pain, the submissive character ultimately takes his own life. Chi Ya accidentally transverses into this world, becoming the scheming character with the same name. Touching his empty pockets and looking at the wealthy and handsome scoundrel who avoids him, he realizes: he's stuck in a script meant for a resigned, aimless life. From then on, Chi Ya is genuinely kind to his true friends, deceitfully amicable with the scoundrel, making sure to keep him at a distance. He lives each day wildly, waiting for the moment his rival appears to graciously step aside. Yet, he fails to notice the changing gaze of the eldest of the Gu family. Gu Huai Zhang, a man of pure heart and few desires, has scorned the notion of "love" for thirty years, becoming known in the elite circles of City A as a formidable figure. —Until his younger brother brought a handsome young man before him. Gu Huai Zhang knows his brother doesn't love the young man, but the young man is deeply infatuated with him, trying every day to seduce him. He watches coldly as the young man secretly smells clothes his brother wore, stealthily brushes his brother's leg under the table, and quietly sneaks to his brother's bed at night. But... The clothes were his, the legs under the table were his, and as for the bed... Gu Huai Zhang falls silent as he watches the young man climb into his bed. The effort is genuine, yet so naively executed. So naive and yet so brazen, his brother probably couldn't handle him. Gu Huai Zhang thinks sternly. —It seems he must take matters into his own hands.