Novel Summary
In a fragrant abode, a woman accidentally inhaled her ancestor's ashes, causing an ancient ancestral hall to collapse with a single sneeze. Having barely crawled out, she found herself surrounded by a husband and a group of distinguished guests, all demanding peculiar and exotic fragrances from her. Powders to change hearts, to foster love, to correct errors, to show gratitude—she had an assortment of them, but what she truly possessed was an urn of ashes. Neglected as a daughter, still uncherished as a wife, her life had been harsh. Yet, overnight, her fortunes turned, transforming her from mud to a cloud of prosperity, all thanks to that urn of fragrant powder. Gaining her freedom with decisive actions, she prioritized her career. But as she did, a predestined love fell into her lap, leaving her dazed. This enigmatic man, was he bad or simply foolish?