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17 The small goal of scolding Zhanqi and fat brother

        Sure enough, the next morning's Weibo Toutiao week would not have made it to the top of the list!
        "Otherwise Zhou will tear up Wu Wei!"
        "Otherwise, Zhou will settle accounts with Wu Wei after the fall!"
        "A certain anchor is angry at famous director Wu Wei!"
        "An anchor is swearing on social media!"
        At first glance, the latter two were made by people with ulterior motives, but Zhou didn't care, buddy is now leaning against a big tree to enjoy the shade!
        Or Zhou disappeared for more than a month, and there were only a few tens of thousands of fans left. Although they did their best to help Zhou Or scolded him back, but the other party and the sailors were numerous and powerful, in the end Zhou Or the fans were completely defeated!
        But when Wu Wei saw Zhou, he was suppressed by himself again, especially when he saw that his name actually became popular, and it became popular for the first time in his life, Comrade Wu Wei has swelled to the point that he couldn't recognize himself!
        After four or five Weibo posts a day, Zhou was caught and scolded, and each one was worse than the other, and finally even those neutral netizens could not listen to it anymore. Only then did Wu Wei realize that he almost made a big mistake!
        Quickly sent a remedial Weibo:
        "Zhou Bei is a dropout who failed the college entrance examination and did not go to college. He just filmed a traffic advertisement by luck and began to call himself a director! This kind of thinking is extremely dangerous! As a senior, I not only help the juniors in the circle. The responsibility is even more the responsibility of educating! I hope that Zhou will not waste my hard work, don’t be too ambitious, and be a down-to-earth man!”
        Otherwise, Zhou would be happy when he saw it, thinking that this product must not be withdrawn! After thinking about it, I replied a few words on Weibo: "Coward! There is a kind of battle!"
        Wu Wei's nose crooked when he saw it! While continuing to show his generosity on Weibo, he contacted the media and advertisers he was familiar with, and wanted to do some sneaky deeds in private.
        Zhou Beibu's fans were worried that he was deceived by Wu Wei's sane appearance, but they didn't expect Zhou Beibu to be so arrogant! Immediately scolded!
        Immediately the following applauded!
        "Fat brother is so beautiful!"
        "Who the hell is this guy? He looks like a coax!"
        "Say you haven't heard of it!"
        "Wu Wei is a director who shoots MVs for songs. He has filmed two military MVs before."
        "This fool is more inflated than the fat brother!"
        When other netizens saw this, they all shook their heads one after another. Sure enough, things clustered together, and people were divided into groups!
        Zhou Buu has been causing trouble all day long, beating people, and being detained. Now he is scolding the seniors in the circle on Weibo. People who haven't gone to college are of low quality!
        Zhou Beibu soon received a reply from Zhao Xi. The leader watched the film he made. After discussion, everyone approved his video with unanimous votes, and it will be ready in the next two days.
        To put it bluntly, shooting a propaganda film for the army is just a support of his beliefs, otherwise Zhou's most wanted thing at the moment is to make money!
        For the purpose of framing the scene, Zhou or else randomly chose a small mountain village called Lijiachang. What he never expected was that Lijiachang was so poor and backward!
        Because of the inconvenience of transportation, Zhou Eruo took the bus to the CMB, the CMB to the van, and finally took a motorcycle for more than half an hour, and it took nearly 20 hours to reach the destination.
        There are no hotels in the village, otherwise Zhou could only live in the homes of local enthusiastic mountain people.
        Although Lijiachang has beautiful scenery and abundant natural resources, it is too remote. There is no school or hospital here. The nearest health and epidemic prevention station is more than 50 kilometers away from the village!
        The children cannot go to school, so they can only help the family with sheep and cattle and do farm work with bare feet every day. The mountain people also know that the outside world is good, but unfortunately no one in the village can read! They hope that their children can go to school, but the average annual family income in the village is only about 1,000 yuan, and they cannot support the idea of ​​sending their children to the town to go to school!
        When he finally left, Zhou Bei received all kinds of mountain goods given to him by the mountain people. He sat on the bus back home. Zhou Bei took out the handmade gifts that the children gave him. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt, and his heart beat Make up your mind!
        Set a small goal this year, such as building a school for him!
        He doesn't know how much it will cost to build a school, but the teacher estimates it will cost around 1 million. He can't make a lot of money from selling songs by himself. It's okay to shoot commercials if you meet a big business like, but it's not enough for a while. No one is looking for you to shoot yourself!
        While thinking hard, Zhou or else a light flashed in his mind - online novel!
        He quickly turned on the computer and searched for online novels in this world. The largest website is called Jidian. Zhou Buu watched it all afternoon and found that writing online novels is very promising!
        The online novels in this world still stop when you stab me with a sword, and I slash you with a knife, and the most powerful top player in the entire arena jumps three feet high!
        "Tsk tsk, your imagination is really barren and terrifying! Brother Fat, let you read what a novel is!"
        "Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and they treat everything as a dog!
        In today's world, the right way is prosperous, and the evil spirits retreat. The land of the Central Plains has beautiful mountains and rivers, it is popular and rich in products, and it is firmly occupied by decent families. Among them, "Qingyunmen", "Tianyin Temple" and "Xianggu" are the three pillars, and they are leaders.
        This story started from "Qingyunmen". "
        The editor-in-chief of, "Sprite", saw this novel for signing a contract, and his eyes lit up!
        Cultivation, longevity, and magical tools firmly attracted him. For him, it was a brand new world. The mystery revealed between the lines made his heart itch and watch it over and over again. Unfortunately, the author named Fat Brother Only 3 chapters have been uploaded.
        sign! Sign up now!
        This is the first time that Sprite has contacted the author. He knows that this book will not only become popular, but also create a genre!
        After Xue Bi and Fat Brother bargained for a while, although Fatty was a newcomer, the editor in charge of Jidian resolutely decided to sign Fat Brother's "Zhu Xian" according to the contract of the great god of online literature!
        How much money can be made a week or not too lazy to calculate, he just writes with all his strength, hides at home for two days except for eating, drinking and laughing, coding, sleeping no more than 4 hours a day, uploading at one time nearly 40 chapters.
        But Sprite was so happy that he didn't do anything for most of the day, just read a book with Erlang's legs crossed, sometimes he was nervous and sometimes excited with the plot, he wished he could transform into Zhang Xiaofan.
        It is said that Wu Wei's "big director" has entrusted him to help him all week. Otherwise, TV stations and other media units are also known to be perfunctory when they receive calls from him. In their eyes, a director who shoots an MV is not a fart, just relying on it. Knowing the big guys in the two circles by myself, I began to learn from others to suppress the younger generation.
        If they couldn't refuse the conditions offered by Zhou, who would be stupid enough to go against the money?
        What makes these TV stations and advertising companies wonder is that otherwise Zhou has not approached any of them recently. Only the propaganda department of a certain military region has signed a cooperation agreement with them. The army is no better than other units, and the TV station does not dare to review the army's films. , Besides, it is impossible for the troops to broadcast prohibited things.